Interview Tips

Shooting your own Women Talk interviews is easy with our quick and useful how-to-guide so follow these tips and upload your videos today.

A) Pre-Interview Stage
1. Selecting your interviewee
When deciding whom you should interview, ask yourself: “Why do I want to interview her? What makes her special and what is it about her life that touches me?”

2. Do your research
A little research will go a long way towards a great interview so find out some interesting facts on your subject and write down a list of questions that will help to show the main thing you want your audience to know about her.

3. Memorise your questions
After you’ve selected your final list of questions try to learn them by heart so you don’t always have to stop the interview in order to look at your list. You want the interview to carry on like a conversation between the both of you.  

4. Write a brief introduction
You’ll need this for the start of your interview. Simply give people a general idea about who she is, what she does and which country she’s from. Keep it short and sweet.

B) The Interview
1. Prepping your interviewee
Go through the questions with her, make sure she’s comfortable with them and ask if there’s anything else she would like to talk about. The most important thing to remember is that you want her to feel safe talking to you.

2. Listen carefully and be flexible
Stay alert and be ready to react as she might mention an interesting fact that you didn’t come across in your research or say something that you’d like to know more about, which isn’t related to the list of questions you’ve prepared.

3. Trust your gut and take your time
Interviewing is an art - the more you do it, the easier it is to get to the heart of what you want to share with your audience. While the video should last about 5 minutes, you can always ask more questions during the interview and do some editing in post-production later.

4. Don’t forget to wrap things up
Always thank your interviewee at the end as it takes a lot of courage to tell her story to the camera. At this point, you should also summarise how you feel about her and use it as a short ending to your interview.